PG&E Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2021

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PG&E’s Triple Bottom Line

PG&E’s responsibilities as an energy provider go far beyond our core mission of providing safe, reliable, affordable and clean energy to our 16 million customers. We also have a responsibility to build a better future for everyone whose lives we touch.

This means delivering for our hometowns, serving our planet and leading with love. It means making it right and making it safe. It means helping drive clean energy technologies, while also ensuring that their benefits are accessible to all. And it means helping communities build resilience against climate change—as well as thwarting climate change—in ways that leave no one behind.

Unlike some companies that only serve the bottom line, our vision of corporate sustainability at PG&E is captured in our “triple-bottom line” approach to doing business—serving People, the Planet, and California’s Prosperity—underpinned by strong operational Performance.

To help guide our decisions, we have defined PG&E’s Purpose and Who We Are as an organization—creating a vision for our work ahead as we begin the next era of our company.

Our Purpose

Delivering for our hometowns
Serving our planet
Leading with love

Who We Are

Trustworthy Empathetic


To further strengthen PG&E’s sustainability focus, and to inform our overall corporate strategy, PG&E completed our most recent materiality assessment for corporate sustainability in 2017. The assessment was a strategic project to help us identify topics that are material to the long-term sustainability of our business. Consistent with best practice, we plan to begin our next materiality assessment in 2021.

Our most recent assessment integrated input from our stakeholders, identified opportunities and risks, and sharpened our corporate sustainability strategy and reporting. The assessment identified 18 issues, grouped into four categories: safety and security, climate change strategy, customer engagement and retention, and integrity and credibility.

Engaging Stakeholders

To meet our commitments, it is essential that PG&E listen to the needs, expectations and guidance of our many stakeholders. PG&E seeks engagement across a broad spectrum of voices to help shape our thinking about how to deliver better outcomes for the many constituencies we serve.

Examples of our sustainability and community engagement include:

  • Sustainability Advisory Council, which provides independent expertise to help ensure that PG&E’s business strategy, operations and future energy network incorporate sustainability best practices to improve service now and in the future.
  • California Community Advisory Group, which serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas between PG&E and a diverse mix of community-based and civic organizations.
  • People with Disabilities and Aging Advisory Council, comprised of a diverse group of recognized leaders from community-based organizations who support our most vulnerable customer populations.
  • Customer Advisory Group, a new forum to strengthen our strategic engagement with large customers to better serve them and meet their needs.
  • Local Stakeholder Advisory Groups, which discuss major projects and topics relevant to the local area.

PG&E has significantly enhanced our wildfire safety education and awareness efforts to improve customer preparedness and safety. We are listening to our customers and local and tribal governments about how we can do better by taking feedback and acting on what we hear.

PG&E also convenes various stakeholder advisory groups for specific areas, including outreach strategies for diverse and hard to reach communities, clean transportation programs, and PG&E’s Diablo Canyon decommissioning plan on future land use and repurposing recommendations.