PG&E Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2021

COVID-19 Response

Community Investments

At PG&E, we are dedicated to serving people, the planet and California’s prosperity through building and maintaining charitable partnerships with non-profit organizations, local and tribal governments and others.

Our programs continue to support enhancements in resiliency in the face of disaster, with the goal of helping to ensure the state’s critical social safety net is robust and available when emergencies strike. Our charitable contributions programs are funded entirely by our shareholders and have no impact on our customers’ energy rates.

Our Approach

PG&E worker up on a utility pole in a farm environment The Better Together Giving Program provides grants each year to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, schools, and local and tribal governments across Northern and Central California. This support can come from PG&E or from The PG&E Corporation Foundation, and generally focuses on five areas: emergency preparedness and safety, economic and community vitality, education and workforce development, the environment and employee engagement.

Community contributions are focused on providing assistance to underserved communities, such as low-income individuals, communities of color, the long-term unemployed, women and girls, veterans, senior citizens, people with disabilities and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities.

2020 Aggregated Contributions by Charitable Focus Area Footnote 1
Category Percentage of Overall Charitable Spending
Emergency Preparedness and Safety 30%
Economic and Community Vitality 17%
Education and Workforce Development 14%
Environment 9%
Employee Engagement 30%
  • 1. Represents aggregated contributions between PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation.1

2020 Milestones

Emergency Preparedness and Safety

The initial focus of charitable programs in 2020 was the provision of urgent support to community-based organizations providing relief from COVID-19 impacts in local communities. This included a $1 million commitment jointly funded by PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation focused on immediate relief efforts in the areas of:

  • General Relief,
  • Food Insecurity,
  • Small Business,
  • Education and
  • Youth Development

We then quickly moved to our efforts to support Northern and Central California communities in preparing for potential disasters and responded quickly with support when disasters occurred:

  • Community Preparedness Support. PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation made a combined $1 million commitment to wildfire relief efforts across the state of California in 2020, contributing to many local non-profit organizations providing needed support services to impacted communities. The two entities also continued support of the American Red Cross’ disaster response activities. With contributions totaling $750,000, the Red Cross was able to provide critical disaster response services to California residents at the local and regional levels, supporting several emergencies impacting vulnerable communities, including wildfires.
  • Wildfire Preparedness. PG&E awarded a $1.2 million grant to the California Fire Foundation to support local fire departments and the California Professional Firefighters to promote emergency preparedness and safety. The California Fire Foundation provided these funds to 50 fire departments in high wildfire threat areas to help implement safety programs.
  • Partnerships with Local Non-Profits. Through PG&E’s CBO-Direct Program, PG&E disseminated fire safety messaging to 35 non-profit community-based organizations in high wildfire threat areas. These organizations successfully shared the safety content to more than 350,000 residents via their local community networks through their social media assets including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • 211 Program Resources. The 211 Program is a valuable resource in connecting community members to important relief and support resources in the event of emergencies. In 2020, PG&E continued its sponsorship of the Interface Children and Family Services 211 program (211) to help support communities in times of disaster. This sponsorship helped extend 211 coverage to all 58 California counties, 18 of which were previously unserved by 211, connecting more Californians to health information, social services and referrals through a comprehensive resource database via call specialists and texting.


PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation continue to support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives in our communities with funding for programs aiming to help ensure all students have access to quality education, including support for higher education attainment. To help students succeed, PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation supported California students with several initiatives in 2020:

  • Bridging the Digital Divide. The pandemic shone a spotlight on deep issues of equity and access to the basic tools of distance learning for California school children. PG&E contributed $500,000 to The California Bridging the Digital Divide Fund, a joint effort of the Governor’s Office, State Board of Education, California Department of Education and CDE Foundation to provide laptops, hotspots and internet connectivity in California public schools.
  • Better Together STEM Scholarships. Forty students received awards of $2,500 to $10,000 focused on majors in engineering, computer science and information systems, cybersecurity, and environmental sciences. Since 2012, the Better Together STEM Scholarship Program, supported by The PG&E Corporation Foundation, has awarded more than $4.5 million to youth seeking higher education in the STEM majors.
  • Better Together Investing in California Youth. The PG&E Corporation Foundation continued its support for two programs targeting academic success in traditionally underserved communities in Northern California: Oakland Promise is a cradle-to-career program supporting youth in under-resourced schools in Oakland and Stockton Scholars aims to reduce social and financial barriers to higher education for youth in the city of Stockton by promoting college readiness.

Economic and Community Vitality

PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation support job creation and career training opportunities, provide support for local businesses, offer energy assistance to low-income families and promote equity through access to opportunity to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve:

  • Community Programs for Youth. More than $1 million in charitable contributions were provided to programs supporting the advancement of youth in our communities, including partnerships with local YMCA chapters and Boys & Girls Clubs, Junior Achievement, Aim High for High School, and others focused on career awareness and job training opportunities. Through these programs in 2020, PG&E provided 300 youth with opportunities to participate in virtual afterschool programs, learning labs and workforce readiness and leadership training.
  • Opportunities in Diversity. PG&E also continued longstanding charitable support for local, regional and statewide diverse chambers of commerce and minority supplier programs enhancing equity and opportunities for women, people of color, native peoples, LGBTQ and veteran Californians. These investments are a cornerstone of PG&E’s charitable contributions in economic and community vitality. In 2020, PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation invested more than $200,000 in programs like the Western Region Minority Supplier Development Council, Golden Gate Business Association, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation, California African American Action Fund, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce and others.


PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation fund environmental programs promoting renewable energy, fostering energy efficiency and protecting our environment, including parks, recreation areas and natural habitats:

  • Resilient Communities. PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation have invested $1.6 million over the last three years in shareholder-funded grants to support local initiatives to build greater climate resilience via our Better Together Resilient Communities grant program. In 2020, PG&E focused on grant proposals that build community capacity to reduce flood risk and support healthy and resilient coastlines and wetlands. PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation awarded $100,000 each to Sustainable Solano, Greenbelt Alliance, the Wiyot Tribe and the Nature Conservancy.
  • American Forest Foundation. For a third year, PG&E has partnered with the American Forest Foundation’s My Sierra Woods Project with the goal of engaging private landowners to facilitate fuels-reduction treatments and reforestation. Landowners enrolled in the program are connected with services and professionals to develop no-cost forest management plans to care for their land and receive an incentive for biomass removal. To date, more than 200 landowners representing over 14,000 acres have taken or will take direct action towards fuels reduction and more than 60 landowners representing over 10,000 acres will take part in the reforestation of their properties.

Employee Engagement

PG&E’s coworkers are active members of the communities where they live and work. In recognition of their commitment, coworkers have several ways to get involved in community investment on a local level:

  • PG&E’s Community Service Incentive Program provides coworkers and retirees who volunteer more than 25 personal service hours with a grant of $350 on their behalf to a qualifying non-profit organization of their choice.
  • PG&E’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—representing different aspects of PG&E’s diverse workforce—provide opportunities for engagement among community groups and activities that reflect their interests and priorities.
  • Through The PG&E Corporation Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program, eligible gifts from PG&E coworkers, retirees or current members of the PG&E Corporation Board of Directors are matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000 per calendar year per individual. In 2020, the program matched approximately $4.2 million for individual contributions to more than 6,000 community-based organizations and schools.

Measuring Progress

In 2020, PG&E and The PG&E Corporation Foundation provided 626 community-based organizations with an aggregate total of $17.5 million in charitable contributions. Review our annual report recording the results of our charitable programs and community engagement efforts for the year.

2020 Support for Vulnerable Communities Footnote 1
Contributions awarded to underserved communities 73%
Contributions awarded to low-income communities 62%
Contributions awarded to communities of color 91%
  • 1. The above percentages are not mutually exclusive and are self-reported by the recipient organizations.1