PG&E Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2021

COVID-19 Response


Key Sustainability Indicators

Percentage of PowerPathway graduates hired into industry jobs
540,000 hours
Number of technical, leadership and coworker training hours
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At PG&E, our goal is to continually reduce risk to ensure that everyone and everything is always safe. Our focus is to build an organization in which all work is performed safely all the time, all members of our workforce know and practice safe behaviors, and everyone is encouraged to speak up for safety with full confidence that their concerns will be addressed.

Our performance in recent years has fallen short of that standard. We have taken responsibility for tragic incidents that should never have happened. We are committed to producing better safety outcomes for our customers, communities and coworkers.

We also remain focused on building and retaining an engaged, well-trained, diverse and inclusive workforce ready to meet the challenges of our business today and into the future.



  • Worked to keep our customers, communities and coworkers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    • Financial assistance programs and support for customers.
    • $1 million to nonprofits to help address food insecurity.
    • Safety precautions and policies for coworkers.
  • Continued to build a safety culture in which every member of our workforce is not only encouraged to speak up, but has confidence that their concerns and ideas will be heard and followed up on.
  • Executed our Community Wildfire Safety Program to further reduce wildfire risks and keep our customers and the communities we serve safe.
  • Awarded $2.3 million in wildfire prevention grants to local Fire Safe Councils.
  • Funded a $1.2 million wildfire safety and preparedness grant with the California Fire Foundation to enable fire equipment purchases, local fire education programs and fire safety awareness targeting underserved communities.
  • Hosted nearly 100 training workshops to better prepare firefighters, police, public works officials and other authorities to respond to emergencies involving electricity and natural gas.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Disclosed detailed race, ethnic, and gender workforce statistics:
    • 46% of our coworkers are ethnic minorities, 27% are women and 7% are military veterans.
    • 60% of our management is racially or gender diverse.
  • Graduated our 10th PowerPathway class, an innovative program that helps people, including women and military veterans, prepare for high demand jobs in the utility and energy industry.
  • Engaged coworkers through our 11 Employee Resource Groups and three Engineering Networks across 27 chapters to promote diversity and inclusion, coworker development and community service.
  • Continued to earn recognition for our commitment, including rankings from the Human Rights Campaign, Disability Equality Index, and Latina Style magazine.
  • Adopted a Human Rights Policy in furtherance of our commitment to conduct our business in a manner that respects the human rights of all.
  • Held open and transparent dialogues within PG&E on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Engaging Our Teams

  • Kept our coworkers informed during the COVID-19 pandemic—offering a mobile-accessible microsite, regular video updates from our health team, all-coworker townhalls, and transparency around case numbers.
  • Contributed 15,500 volunteer hours to nonprofit organizations throughout California, despite challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Achieved $6.5 million in pledges from employees in our annual Campaign for the Community—reaching more than 6,100 organizations.